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TrueStrike Strike Surface Replacement Turf

TrueStrike Strike Surface Replacement Turf

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TrueStrike “Strike Surface” is usually the only piece of replacement material needed to bring your TrueStrike back to its original form!

The Strike Surface is the piece of turf that sits on top of the frame that houses the Gel Section. It is a specially woven turf (made in Germany) that works in concert with the integrated gel bag to create the awesome performance of the TrueStrike hitting system.

  1. Take your TrueStrike Gel Section out of your simulator flooring or separate it from your modular TrueStrike arrangement.
  2. Then remove your existing Strike Surface by removing the 3 steel clips on each side.
  3. Once the 6 clips are removed, vertically separate the Strike Surface turf from the gel bag frame.
  4. Use force to push the new Strike Surface down onto and in the frame of the Gel Section.
  5. Re-attach the 6 clips as they had been prior to removal, 3 on each side.

There are no tools needed to replace your Strike Surface.

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